Project Lifecycle Engineering

Courtesy of Sakhalin Energy Investment Co., Ltd.


PNG LNG Project, Papua New Guinea,
Courtesy of ExxonMobil PNG Limited

Plant construction starts with site survey, water reservation, land formation, camp construction to prepare for full-scale operation. Then construction processes follow ranging from foundation work, aboveground structure framing, piping and equipment installation, electric and instrument system setup, to painting and insulation, etc.

One typical mega project is executed by 30,000 people per day at peak comprising 60 nationalities and 120 crafts. They utilize countless numbers of construction equipment: 100 cranes including 2,000 ton capacity crane, mobilize 10million parts and components, fabricate and install them at site. The sites are distributed all around the world from Russia: severe cold region at -50 degree Celsius to Qatar: intense heat land at +50 degree Celsius.

Situated at the project last execution stage, unexpected difficulties arise at this stage from various factors by design, procurement, and others. But expertise in planning and management together with team collaboration and efforts would make it possible to overcome and sublime the difficulties to accomplishment. Patience and persistence are essential here, but the supreme satisfaction of achievement can also be shared by all the people involved at this stage.

High motivation toward safety; performance of non-accident and non-disaster

Chiyoda values the safety execution most at construction. Based on experience and knowledge in past projects, site safety standards have been created from multiple points of view and courses of training are given to all staff on site. The passionate corporate attitude for safety makes it possible to better longer non-accident and non-disaster records highly appraised by clients.

Conformance to codes and regulations

Local construction codes, local labor/environment/safety/health/hygiene regulations are investigated and are adopted. Besides these codes and regulations, national oil corporations, major oil companies possess original and substantial technical, safety, and environmental standards for Chiyoda to study and to implement.

Respect on diversified culture

Tens of thousands of workers in multiple nationalities collaborate on site for execution. Diversity of cultures are revered and reflected on Chiyoda execution manner for the life abroad.
Construction stage is a creative activity to crystallize worldwide materials and components to be assembled into one complete entity as plant only possible by assorted standards, people, and cultures. Chiyoda always admire and respect racial varieties and cultural multiplicities.