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Safety Performance

Through sincere Safety Leadership and worker engagements at work locations, we have managed to reduce lost time injuries to a single event with no life altering effects in 2017.

Chiyoda’s annual Total Recordable Injury Rate (TRIR), despite an upward turn in 2017 still remains below national trends. However the fact that we are continuously having personnel injured at our construction sites remains unacceptable and an area of major concern to everybody.

We believe all injuries and incidents are preventable and to achieve our vision to see nobody gets hurt, a more concerted effort is being demanded from everybody. This will be through more effective safety awareness training, observation and intervention programs, frontline supervision and initiatives to alter at-risk behaviors. We plan to have all employees, at every level, being a strong advocate and leader in Safety..

Our belief remains that all incidents are preventable and we will continue to work on initiatives to ingrain a safety mindset to avoid injuries and incidents. Rather than tell people what to do – or not, we aim to train people to want to make safe choices by understanding Safety and not place themselves in at-risk situations.