Chiyoda Advanced
Solutions (ChAS)

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Material and Corrosion Control Technologies

Material and corrosion control technologies are essential for safe, stable operation of a plant. Chiyoda provides consultation on materials and prevention of corrosion, including the selection of materials to be used for facilities, corrosion control design, investigations of issues, troubleshooting, Fitness-for-Service assessment and remaining life assessment of equipment, and even the development of maintenance plans based on Risk-Based Inspection (RBI). We do this by tapping our wealth of experience and expertise accumulated through engineering for plants and the broad range of technological information we collect through our activities at domestic and overseas academic societies, associations, and other opportunities.
We provide these services by suggesting systematic, pragmatic solutions in cooperation with various functions such as process design, equipment design, analysis, welding, and inspections, by taking advantage of our qualities as a comprehensive engineering company. We also own research facilities (for corrosion testing, mechanical testing, mechanical investigation, analysis, and other functions), so we are prepared to conduct a range of surveys and research.

Material technologies

I. Investigation and assessment of materials ranging from carbon steel to high alloy

  • Changes in micro-structure and property of materials caused by heat treatment or high-temperature aging
  • Assessment of high-temperature strength through creep test and data analysis

II. Investigations into causes of material-related problems and suggesting of countermeasures

  • Metallographic observation, fractographic observation, analysis of surface scale, mechanical testing
  • Assessment of applied stress in collaboration with the Numerical Analysis Group
  • Advice on selection of appropriate materials and appropriate operating conditions
  • Planning methods of, and providing instructions on, maintenance and repair

III. Remaining life assessment

  • Estimation of operating temperature based on aging test of used materials and hardness changes
  • Estimation of life consumption based on void distribution and changes in micro-structure
  • Remaining life estimation based on creep rupture test data
  • Assessment of the effect of a change in operating condition on life consumption

IV. Assessment of material integrity and safety

  • Assessment of degrees of embrittlement and deterioration of the material
  • Safety assessment by assuming inherent defects
  • Assessment of temperature for pressure test of material

V. Selection of materials for petroleum, chemical, and other plants

  • Selection of appropriate materials for new process or process improvement
  • Provision of advice on the method of inspection as well as inspection cycle based on RBI method
  • Assessment and selection of materials through simulation test of the operating environment

Corrosion control technologies

I. Corrosion resistance assessment of metal and organic materials

  • Corrosion tests and environmental simulation tests
  • Test for electrochemical assessment
  • Test for assessment of organic materials
  • Planning and implementation of plant tests

II. Investigation of causes of corrosion problems and suggesting countermeasures

  • Corrosion condition, microscopic observation, fractographic observation
  • Corrosion product analysis
  • Investigation of causes of corrosion
  • Suggesting countermeasures

III. Corrosivity assessment

  • Corrosivity assessment of the environment
  • Analysis and evaluation of data on corrosion of equipment
  • Estimation of maximum corrosion content and corrosion rate


Case 1: Non-destructive remaining life assessment of catalyst tubes

Estimation of remaining life without sampling has been made possible by combining the large amount of research data held by Chiyoda with H-Scan, a non-destructive test system developed by ‘H’ SCAN International Inc.

Case 2: Corrossivity assessment of the environment (Corrosion Simulation)

"Corrosion Simulation" by the combination of OLI Corrosion Analyzer (TM) (OLI Systems Inc., USA) and Chiyoda's CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technologies enables to estimate the corrosion condition and select appropriate material.