Health and Productivity Management initiatives

Health and Productivity Management initiatives

Good Health and Well-Being Decent Work and Economic Grouth
Good Health and Well-Being Decent Work and Economic Grouth

As a part of its proactive initiative to improve the health of employees, Chiyoda Corporation formulated a Declaration of Health and Productivity Management in April 2020, with the Chairman of the Board and CEO serving as Chief Wellness Officer (CWO).

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

Chiyoda Corporation believes that maintaining employees’ physical and mental health and maximizing their abilities is essential to achieving the Group’s management philosophy and improving competitiveness. To achieve this, we will work to support the health and productivity management of employees.

The Company, labor associations, health insurance association, employees and their families will work together to promote good health so that employees can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life at and outside work.

We will contribute to society through our business by linking the health and welfare of our employees to the vitality of the workplace.

Health and Productivity Management promotion system

Our Company has established a system to ensure the promotion of health management and is implementing health management measures related to the maintenance and promotion of employee health.

Chief Wellness Officer serves as the Chairman of the Health Management Promotion Council, which deliberates, approves, verifies and evaluates health management policies. The Human Resources Department and the Health Management Center work together to formulate and implement health management policies in cooperation with health insurance Union and labor unions.

Health management measures

We implement the following health management measures to maintain and promote employee health.

1. Thorough health checkups and subsequent measures

 ・100% health checkup consultation rate  
 ・Improve the rate of cancer screening consultations subsidized by company  
 ・Thorough recommendation of consultation to employees subject to specific health guidance  
 ・Thorough recommendation of consultation to employees subject to follow-up measures based on medical checkup results  
 ・Conduct health guidance for middle-risk employees with lifestyle-related diseases

2. Mental health measures

 ・Stress check consultation rate 90% or more
 ・Setting of stress interview options for high-stress employees (Occupational physician or external counselor)  
 ・Improvement of work environment by group analysis results of stress check  
 ・Checking the degree of fatigue accumulation for employees who worked long hours  
 ・Establishment of a free telephone consultation service outside the company

3. Measures to reduce presentism  

 ・Conduct of sleep improvement seminars  
 ・Conduct of eating habit improvement seminar  
 ・Reduce employees who skip breakfast  
 ・Introduce smart meal lunch  
 ・Massage and acupuncture treatments by a company-resident health keeper  
 ・Provide various health information on a website for employees

4. Women's health measures  

 ・Conduct specific medical examinations incorporating gynecological cancer screening (Breast cancer, cervical cancer)  
 ・Provide menstrual leave and morning sickness leave as special leave

5. Smoking measures  

 ・Reduce the smoking rate of employees (15% or less)  
 ・Implement a smoking cessation support program (half of the cost will be paid by the company)  
 ・Implement nicotine replacement measures to achieve smoking cessation during working hours

6. Health promotion measures  

 ・Provide exercise opportunities for all employees (softball tournament, bowling tournament)  
 ・Subsidize activity costs for in-house sports clubs (19 clubs in total)  
 ・Provide employees with discount tickets that can be used at external sports clubs, etc.

Announcement: Chiyoda is a Selected Organization under the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program

We would like to proudly announce that On March 11, 2024, Chiyoda Corporation has been highlighted as a selected organization under the large enterprise category of the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition Program designed and selected jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and “Nippon Kenko Kaigi”. This is the 4th time in consecutive years that the certification has been awarded.

The Program, initiated by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), is designed to honor the outstanding enterprises engaging in efforts to advance health and productivity management while coping with the health issues in the communities in line with the health advancement programs promoted by Nippon Kenko Kaigi. By bringing into view the enterprises thus highlighted, the program provides the environment for the selected organizations to be regarded as “the enterprise engaging in advancement of employees’ health and through management perspective in strategical way” by its employees and jobseekers, as well as by the related organizations and by the financial institutions.

We continue our efforts in vitalizing our workplace through advancement of employees’ health, which will lead our business to contributing a lot to our society.