Pickup Service Life Science

Life Science is a basis for our daily life. This science is closely connected with technical fields which involve
“eating: food”, “life: medicine/medical care”, and “living: chemistry /environment”.

Chiyoda Corporation has accumulated more than 1,000 achievements in the design, engineering, and construction of these facilities.

Chiyoda Corporation will continuously work together with you through providing comprehensive engineering technology
toward a more sophisticated and diversified society.

Life Science

Chiyoda Corporation will share technologies
that are our strengths of the general industry business
and the pharmaceutical industry business.
Chiyoda Corporation will realize smart factories considering
Industries 4.0 and Pharm 4.0 and provide high quality design
and engineering and their services.


Main Fields of Service

  • Support for Development of Pharmaceuticals
  • Support for Development of Pharmaceutical Production Technology
  • Various Pharmaceutical Production Facilities
  • Laboratory Facilities
  • Reagent/ Medical Devices Production Plants
  • Production Support and others

Main Fields of Technologies

  • Continuous Production Technology
  • Regenerative Medicine Technology
  • Scale-up Technology
  • Hazard Containment Technology
  • Heat and Fluid Dynamics Simulation, and Batch Simulation
  • Clean Room Environment and Monitoring Technology
  • Overall Manufacturing Technology for APIs * and Pharmaceutical Products and others

* Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient


Main Fields of Service

  • Advanced Material Industry
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Automobile Related Industry
  • Electronic Material Industry
  • Recycling Rare Metal Industry
  • Functional Fiber and Functional Catalyst Industry
  • Plant Factory Industry

Main Fields of Technologies

  • Chiyoda Visual Management
  • Automation Technology by Robot, AI, and IoT
  • Handling of Speciality Gas and Liquid
  • Design and Construction for New Factory and Renovation of Existing Plant
  • Scale-up Technology