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Digital Transformation

LNG Plant AI Optimizer TM


LNG Plant AI Optimizer TM

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM, using Deep Learning AI technology to indicate continuous productivity improvement for the best LNG plant operations, values our clients with;

  • Enhanced economic returns from increased LNG production (up to around 5% per LNG train),
  • Agile and most cost-effective solution compared with hardware modification, debottlenecking and/or greenfield construction,
  • No modification, no new sensor, no new instrument but only one laptop to transfer operational data to Chiyoda via cloud,
  • No harm to the current operation
  • No additional operators while maintaining current operators,
  • Transferring operation know-how,
  • Levelling and level-up of operational shifts,
  • Free selection of step-wise introduction of Performance Dash Board, Scoring Dash Board and LNG AI OptimizerTM

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM is a proven solution for LNG plant in operation.