LNG Plant

Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited

Small-Mid Scale LNG

Small-Mid Scale LNG plant is beneficial for plant operator / investor due to its lower investment cost and smaller risks. Also, it is easier to secure product off takers and suitable for energy supply in remote areas where gas pipeline is not available.
With abundant experience and expertise accumulated through EPC execution of more than 40% (capacity-wise) of world wide LNG plants during last 10 years, Chiyoda can support clients to achieve the most viable solution for Small-Mid Scale LNG with “3+1 Benefits”.


Chiyoda Small-Mid Scale LNG creates added value for clients with 3 concepts.

Fast Production

LNG projects include many stages and long design, procurement, and construction periods. Recovering investments in shorter time scale is always crucial for investors. Chiyoda Small-Mid Scalle LNG can deliver faster LNG production, contribute to shorten payback period, and improve investor returns.

Low Investment Cost

LNG business needs massive investment for engineering, construction, and operation. Chiyoda Small-Mid Scale LNG offers lower CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operation Expenditure) with optimized design methodologies that provide new opportunities for new investors in small /mid scale LNG business. The key is to reduce initial investment cost to achieve project viability.

One Team Operation

Chiyoda group has single responsibility from the initial to final stage of projects. A key factor for realizing successful project completion is to form "Seamless Operation with One Team" together with the clients to minimize project cost and optimize the schedule.

Applicable range

Chiyoda Small-Mid Scale LNG covers natural gas liquefaction plant with capacity up to 2 mtpa.

Liquefaction Process for Small-Mid Scale LNG