Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Chiyoda developed and adhere to a fully Integrated Safety, Quality, Environmental and Information Security Management System. This is accredited and frequently audited by International Auditing Authorities. The Company’s President / CEO is ultimately responsible to ensure the Integrated Management System (IMS) is effective and resourced to meet legislative requirements. He must also ensure it complies with Industry Good Practices and ensure we fulfill our moral responsibilities to our stakeholders and affected communities within which we operate.
Through the consistent application of the PDCA (plan–do–check–act or plan–do–check–adjust) process, Chiyoda continuously monitors, controls and improves its Integrated Management System.

The IMS is driven by a committed Corporate Senior Leadership Team that annually reviews the company’s policies and objectives. The IMS is then communicated to all stakeholders and personnel. This ensures an effective organization, with defined roles and responsibilities in place, with clear direction provided on the standards and guidelines to be followed to meet countries and clients requirements as well as our moral obligations.

Corporate SQE Policy

ISO45001 Certification

Management System documentation (e.g. standards, procedures, guidelines) is developed to identify hazards related to each project / task to be performed and to mitigate effects to a level As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).
Safe work practices are developed to enable personnel to execute their scope of work without being exposed to risks at their respective work locations. Through leadership by competent frontline supervisors, work is well planned, crews adequately instructed in common languages and crews understanding of their work and actions during an emergency is confirmed during pre-task meetings.
To complete the PDCA cycle, feedback and key findings from reviews and audits become part of a “continuous improvement cycle” along our journey to achieve our vision of “nobody gets hurt”.

ISO 45001:2018 Certificate