LNG Plant

Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited


LNG-X is the LNG plant package for the sake of Low CAPEX and developed by bringing together core techniques of Chiyoda with abundant experiences. The optimized plant layout with highly standardized facilities on each gas treatment and liquefaction process enables to reduce construction cost and delivery time significantly.

In “Ready-designed Block Shelf”, the important concept in LNG-X, standardized facility designs based on Chiyoda’s experiences and analyses are stored. To pick up necessary facilities out of the shelf and assemble them completes LNG plant design. This framework of simplification and optimization is built on comprehensive engineering skills and project execution capability of No.1 LNG contractor Chiyoda, thereby being peculiar to Chiyoda. Contents of the shelf are revised periodically in response to environmental demands and the development of novel technologies and so on to evolve LNG-X ceaselessly.


  • Whole schedule shortening realized by “Ready-designed Block Shelf” concept and standardized design
  • Reduction of plant area and construction cost by the optimization of plant layout
  • Reduction of operating cost by the adoption of highly efficient liquefaction technologies and drivers for main refrigerant compressors.
  • Design which secures safe and steady operation

Applicable range

  • Plant scale is 2.0 to 5.0 MTPA*
  • Applicable to both warm and cold region
  • Applicable to both module and stick-built construction method

*Large scale options over 5.0 MTPA are also available