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Chiyoda Advanced
Solutions (ChAS)

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Integrated System Engineering

Chiyoda has extensive engineering knowledge and experience in various plant design fields from which we develop integrated "Engineering Tools" (computer software) fused with other technology, such as simulation technology, IoT, Big Data analysis, AI (Artificial Intelligence) etc. In the plant design phase, we optimize design to meet requirements. Engineering Tools give us direct solutions or provides hints for problem resolution. In creating new products from research and development, we can eliminate trials by developing prediction models with AI instead of physical models, and search for the optimized condition by optimizing algorithms.

Operational support systems provide information to assist the operator's evaluation and decision. On-line support systems work by acquiring real time data from plant control systems. The operator training simulator is an off-line support system to improve operator skills and contribute to safe and stable plant operation.


Technology improvements can result in more complex plant systems which are designed by analysis. The best solutions can be researched from the many case studies using simulators as an "engineering tool". The key to developing an integrated engineering tool is deciding the key variables and adequately and accurately simulating.

Chiyodas engineering knowledge and experience in process, instrumentation and control, mechanical and electrical, piping, equipment, structures, and civil engineering, means we can select or develop the appropriate engineering tool for the best solution. "Integrated System Engineering" integrates many individual functionalities into one solution-oriented service based on our engineering knowledge and experience.

Applicable range

Engineering tool sample for the design phase and research & development

Process Plant
(continuous process)
Process Dynamic Simulator in LNG, Refinery process, Chemical process etc
Manufacturing Line
(discrete process)
Solar panel manufacturing simulator, Powder bagging unit simulator etc
Logistics Tanker supply chain simulator, Researching the optimized configuration in a tanker milk-run transportation system
Research & Development Developing performance prediction models from experimental results, optimizing the recipe
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Operation support system

Operator training simulator (OTS) LNG liquefying plants, LNG receiving terminals, Chemical processes
Real time monitoring system long distance gas pipeline leakage detection system (estimate leak position and leak flowrate)
Simple support tool Support the determination of the capability of LPG receiving in a terminal based on its composition
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