Receiving Terminal

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Terminal for Cryogenic Fluid (LPG / Ethylene etc.)

Chiyoda has designed numerous terminals for cryogenic fluid such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), butadiene, ethylene, propylene, and ammonia etc. We have designed and built plenty of LPG terminals all over the world; especially, almost half of LPG terminals in Japan were our achievement. Highly reliable and safe facilities can be realized by sophisticated engineering including environmental assessments vital for novel construction of these cryogenic fluid terminals. This amount of construction accomplishments ensure Chiyoda’s position as a top ranked contractor. Our technologies cultivated in past projects are able to satisfy your needs not only on-shore but also off-shore facilities, example of which are FSU and FSRU and so on both at home and abroad.


In terminal for cryogenic fluid, we provide stable operation of terminals, energy conservation, and safe control by the design considering to introduce advanced control system and emergency procedure. Also, our broad know-how on operation and maintenance helps to meet your demands.