Life Science Advanced Industries

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Advanced Industries

  • Advanced Material Industry
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Automobile Related Industry
  • Electronic Material Industry
  • Recycling Rare Metal Industry
  • Functional Fiber and Functional Catalyst Industry
  • Plant Factory Business
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Life Cycle Business of Industrial Facilities Plant

Chiyoda Corporation will support, from customers’ initial business planning, through our refined project management expertise and engineering capabilities, from planning and implementation of various industrial plants that support people’s lives.

We would attend and assist customers to reinforce their business development with full engineering support for next-generation industrial seeds.


Plant Visualization with 3D CAD and CG

Plant Visual Support by Engineering Company

We promote our “Chiyoda Visual Management” technique to smoothly execute tasks for the construction process of next-generation factories and plants.

We would like customers to use it for project promotion by achieving the earliest realization of stakeholder agreement.

“Chiyoda Visual Management” technique will be fully effective for all phases and conditions of modernization and expansion, even while continuing operation of existing plant not only of new plant and factories.

Major Engineering Services
  • Master Business Planning Support
  • Collaborative Process and Facility Design with Custome
  • Unitary Management of Factory Design and Construction Focusing Production Facility
  • Flexible Execution Scheme for Earliest Completion by Suitable Capacity Sizing
  • Permits, Notifications, and Special Applications Support for Construction Work: Building and Fire Authorities, Explosives and Combustibles, High Pressure Gas, etc.
  • Factory Renovation and Modification, Facility and Seismic Diagnosis, and Other Analysis
  • Integrating Visualization System for Production Process
  • Visualization of Plans with 3D CG and 3D CAD
  • Global Expansion Projects for Japanese and Overseas Business
  • Integrating Energy Management System
and Others
Responding to Boundless Needs of Ranges of Industries

Since 1984 Chiyoda Corporation has executed and accomplished ranges of industrial facility plant projects with excellence.

We contribute to solve problems specific to each industry by applying suitable technologies from other industries.


Advanced Battery Factory


World’s Largest Solar Panel Factory