Biofiner is an aerobic fixed-bed microbial treatment system that uses floating carriers with excellent treating capacity.
High-load operation has been achieved by using carriers that can retain (immobilize) microorganisms in high concentration (with a smaller aeration tank).

Biofiner Carrier

Example of Biofiner Process


  1. Because microorganisms in the biological reaction (aeration) tank can be retained in high concentration, compared with standard active sludge (suspension) processes Biofiner
    1. uses a smaller biological reaction (aeration) tank, as higher-load operation is possible,
    2. does not require return sludge,
    3. generates a smaller amount of sludge, and
    4. is immune to load fluctuations.
  2. Because air passes through the randomly filled carriers, the oxygen absorption rate is relatively high. This lowers the aeration energy cost.
  3. The carriers float and move slowly during aeration, eliminating concern about clogging. This also eliminates the need for backwashing.
  4. The carriers have a filtering effect and capture filamentous bacteria, etc., thereby preventing bulking.
  5. No sludge return is required and no bulking takes place, facilitating operation management.

Applicable range

Wastewater treatment facility by microbial treatment such as food and confectionery industries, pharmaceutical industries, brewing factory etc.