Receiving Terminal

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Cold Energy Utilization Facility

LNG with -160°C, extremely low temperature, is versatile cold source.
A system which requires cold energy adopts refrigerator, thereby consuming a lot of energy. The use of LNG’s cold energy in substitute for the refrigerator cuts down on operating cost significantly. Thus, lower energy consumption and cost than conventional cold energy facilities can be accomplished. LNG cold energy can be applied to both industrial purposes and leisure activities listed below.

LNG coldenergy application

  • Air separator (production of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon)
  • Production of liquefied carbon dioxide gas and dry ice
  • Cold storage warehouse and frozen food plant
  • Skating rink and artificial snow for ski slope

【Example for LNG cold energy application(Air separator)】


  1. Energy conservation achieved by the LNG cold energy supply to facilities other than receiving terminal
  2. Optimal system proposal in accordance with purpose of LNG cold energy use

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