Project Lifecycle Engineering

Courtesy of Sakhalin Energy Investment Co., Ltd.


Commissioning is performed before commercial operation after completion of construction of the plant. Commissioning activities are intended to ensure that the plant will operate in accordance with design and project specifications. Chiyoda believes that successful commissioning is the most important phase of the project because it is directly linked to customer satisfaction and benefit.

Commissioning is a highly specialized area which requires a complex mix of capabilities developed through wide experience and engineering knowledge. The required capabilities include knowledge in newly developed process, skills in project management and leadership, and analytical skills. These capabilities are essential for effective planning, execution, control and troubleshooting during commissioning and start-up. Chiyoda has substantial experience of successfully executing such activities in timely, safe and cost effective manner.

Recently Chiyoda has applied a new program known as Uninterrupted Startup (UISU), which is based on a new concept of quality control program that includes lessons learned past projects in engineering design, construction and commissioning.

Commissioning Planning

Commissioning planning is accomplished by specialists who are well versed in both engineering design and plant operations.

Uninterrupted Start-up Program

Assuring seamless plant start-up with Chiyoda’s know-how, technologies, and experience gained over several decades.

Continuity from Engineering to Commissioning

Chiyoda’s engineers join in the commission process at the plant site to solve problems with the greatest amount of flexibility and effectiveness.