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Gas Turbine Suction Air Cooling System

This system enables the power enhancement of a gas turbine by increasing air flow rate. The colder air temperature, the more air flow rate. LNG cold energy can cool suction air more efficiently than conventional refrigeration system.
In this system (shown scheme below), water chilled by LNG is circulated in a loop to serve as a cold source for a suction air cooling. The suction air temperature can be reduced by approximate 5 to 10℃ by use of cold energy recovery from LNG.


  • Energy conservation. The power to obtain cold energy for suction air cooling considerably lower (approximate 80%) than conventional method using refrigerator.
  • Gas turbine suction air cooling system can improve power output of gas turbine by a few percent in high temperature areas or season such as spring to fall.

Applicable range

LNG terminals nearby power generation plant