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Aromatics and Its Derivatives

Using naphtha as a raw material, an ethylene plant produces aromatic derivatives (BTX fractions) such as benzene (B), toluene (T), and xylenes (X) as cracked gasolines. Of the BTX fractions, benzene and xylenes are particularly used in large quantities in general-purpose resins and fibers after being processed with polystyrene, caprolactam, and terephthalic acid. Since cracked gasolines produced from ethylene plants only are not enough to meet the demand for these products, supply from reformulated gasolines in the oil refining industry is increasing.

[ Aromatics and Its Derivatives ]

Key projects

Chiyoda has constructed a large number of plants that separate and refine BTX, which are raw materials for aromatic derivatives, as well as large plants producing aromatic derivatives such as caprolactam, terephthalic acid, and bisphenol A, which are raw materials of nylons, PET resins, and polycarbonate resins, respectively. Thus, we have rich experience in handling aromatic chemicals and in designing and constructing their production plants.