CHIYODA REPORT/Sustainability Report

CSR Activities of the Chiyoda Group

Chiyoda Corporation has published its first Integrated Report “CHIYODA REPORT 2020” which consolidates financial and non-financial information. The new report outlines our business strategy and ESG initiatives creating corporate value.

This report is for all our stakeholders to deepen their understanding of Chiyoda’s current business, value creation and corporate social responsibilities. It includes messages from the top management regarding Chiyoda’s newly organized approach of EPC execution and corporate culture transformation which streamlines the relation of our business objectives and Sustainable Development Goals.

We wish this report will be helpful for all stakeholders who wish to better understand Chiyoda’s business and we would like to ask for stakeholder’s engagement and communications to reinforce positive and transformational change towards sustainability.

CHIYODA REPORT 2020    (4.6MB)

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