Industrial Facilities

  • Compilation of a master plan for commercialization
  • Conducting process design, facility design together with the client
  • Overall management of design & construction of a whole plant, centered on the manufacturing facilities
  • Coordination of necessary application for regulatory requirements (building, fire defense, hazardous materials, high-pressure gas, etc.)
  • Equipment diagnosis, seismic diagnosis and various analysis works associated with a modernization, renovation and remodeling of plant / factory
  • Building of an Energy Management System: energy conservation, renewable energy, etc.
  • Flexible scheme of project execution according to project size
  • Providing consultation for a quick delivery
  • Visualization of operation status and manufacturing environment, establishment of required systems
  • Assistance for Japanese clients' overseas development and foreign clients' entry into the Japanese market

Key business and technology

Key projects

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Toho Titanium Co.,Ltd.

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Advanced material plant, Metallurgical Plants, Electronic Materials Plants, Food Factory, Automobile Factory, FA・Manufacturing and Assembly・Logistics, Industrial Facilities, etc.