Receiving Terminal

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Steam Ejector Heat Exchanger

This heat exchanger has realized extremely excellent safety, reliability and profitability by utilizing steam.
This is used as a LNG vaporizer and a heater for LPG at LNG/LPG terminals.
This system is explained at the scheme below. Steam, as a heating source, is introduced via a steam ejector into a hot water tank immersing tubes in an atmospheric or finely pressurized condition. Hot water in the tank is strongly agitated by air (nitrogen gas) drawn through the ejector, improving heat transfer rate remarkably.

Concrete (Hot water) bath method

This concrete tank is the same as submerged vaporizer (SMV) often used in LNG terminal.


  • No moving parts such as rotary machines (Maintenance free)
  • No power required to agitate hot water (Energy saving)
  • To be capable of quick startup
  • Steam side kept free from gas leakage (Safety)

Applicable range

LNG/LPG terminal with steam generation facility.