Technology Development

Chiyoda contributes to society by developing proprietary technologies which help to address some of the global challenges we currently face.
We also offer a wide range of engineering support services to assist our clients in the development of their technologies.

Key business and technology

Process Development

Chiyoda offers a comprehensive range of process development services in various which aim to maximize efficiencies in our clients' plant.
We provide proprietary processes around the world through plant construction with our Project Life Engineering and also license these processes to our clients or other EPC contractor.

Catalyst Development

Chiyoda develop high-performance catalysts as a part of its process development business.
We have extensive experience in recommending plant modifications or operation improvements which take full advantage of our catalysts' strengths to maximize plant performance.

Engineering Support Services for Technology Developments

Chiyoda provides a full range of engineering support services in order for our clients to realize the scale up of their R&D technologies to pilot, demonstration and commercial plants.

New business development

By utilizing its proprietary technology, Chiyoda is committed to expanding is its business into new areas, such as hydrogen supply, in order to contribute to a more sustainable future.