Chiyoda Advanced
Solutions (ChAS)

Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited

Consulting Service on Operation Improvement and Business Innovation Support

At Chiyoda, from the viewpoint of improving the value of customer's plant facilities, based on the results of solving problems over the entire plant life cycle from design to construction, operation and maintenance, identify opportunities for maintenance or operation hidden inside or outside, we will support your strategy planning from the beginning to realize the improvements. In addition, we will provide consulting services for planning and execution of your business innovation projects according to the new demands of this decade.


General steps of support

  • Step1

    Extract Opportunities for Improvement

    We will conduct interviews and workshops on the managers and persons in charge of each department concerned, visually organize the current situation based on an exhaustive/objective perspective, and extract and organize improvement opportunities.

  • Step2

    Countermeasure Proposal Consideration

    We will conduct workshops to discuss the countermeasures that embody the extracted improvement opportunities and propose directions and approaches on solutions. We will also conduct hearings and technical investigations to gather necessary information appropriately.

  • Step3

    Making of Execution Plan

    After evaluating the economic, technical and legal feasibility for proposed countermeasures based on the results of workshops with customers, while taking the divergence of the proposed plan from the current work into consideration and balancing both side, we will make concrete execution plan for business improvement and strongly back it up with the best project performance ability in engineering industry.

  • Step4

    Execution Support

    From the perspective of risk and reliability using various diagnostic techniques and improvement methods cultivated over many years, we will make arrangements/schedules on such like maintenance method and review cycle. We will also help you realize the target such like minimization of operation cost by supporting you on construction, remodeling and maintenance of necessary tools, which are used to realize clarified task requirements.

  • Step5

    Follow Up

    After the new established arrangements/schedules and infrastructure start operation, we will also continuously follow up on your case by checking the KPIs that have been set up as necessary.

Applicable range

Samples of cases Chiyoda able to support (example)

  • Efficient implementation of operational infrastructure development
  • Planning for advanced maintenance schedule/plan considering remaining life etc. of different equipment
  • Planning for long-term equipment update/business innovation plan across departments

Key projects

Examples on supporting cases

  • Support for automation and labor-saving
  • Support for strengthening competitiveness
  • Support for implementation of asset management
  • Support for construction of risk management system
  • Support for improvement of materials management operation
  • Support for investigation of hazardous material leakage risk
  • Support for important equipment drawing out
  • Support for systematization of facility security system inspection