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Integrity Assessment and Monitoring for Aged facilities

Depending on the material types and environment, materials are subject to different types of deterioration such as wet corrosion (wet environment), creep (high-temperature environment), low-temperature embrittlement (low-temperature environment), and fatigue (vibration). Chiyoda provides investigation and consulting services for approximating the causes of deterioration of (metal and organic) materials for pressure equipment and providing optimal methods for preventing them based on our extensive record of results and knowledge of material research.

I. Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessment

Computer-based analytical methods are being applied for Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments of pressure equipment with metal loss, etc. generated through long periods of usage. Assessment guidelines that combine theoretical backgrounds established by using knowledge on fracture mechanics and finite element methods with various experimental data, such as the US’s API579 and the FFS code for nuclear facilities in Japan, have been developed in Japan and overseas. We close to an environment in which FFS assessments of facilities for general industries can easily be carried out in various cases. We at Chiyoda help our customers optimize their maintenance work by making use of these assessment technologies.

II. Combination of Digital scanning and Numerical analysis technologies

3D digital scanning equipment gives us quick & accurate digital measurement data of aged facilities, and the combination of such digital data with numerical analysis technologies, such as FEM (Finite Element Method) and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic analysis) enables more accurate estimation of root cause of deterioration, such as deformation, thinning, failure etc., than ever. Chiyoda provides our customer the best solution for managing & maintaining customer's aged facilities.

III. Testing and monitoring (corrosion and fatigue analyses, prevention of corrosion)

We respond to requests concerning material diagnosis and monitoring technologies, such as detection of cracks and leakage and online monitoring of states conducted by using Acoustic Emission (AE) technology, diagnosis of catalyst tubes with H-Scan, a non-destructive test system for such tubes, and coking diagnosis that applies AE/UT technologies.

IV. Remaining life assessment (high-temperature creep, wet corrosion etc.)

Estimating the remaining life of plant equipment used under severe conditions is extremely important for maintenance. Chiyoda can assess the remaining life of components used in high-temperature environments, such as furnace tubes, catalyst tubes, or boiler tubes, and materials in corrosive environments.

V. Investigation of causes of troubles and failures

Based on our wealth of experience and extensive record of results in material research, which we have accumulated, we quickly investigate the causes of troubles, failures, damage, etc. of equipment. In the seamless corroboration with numerical analysis specialists and experienced project experts, Chiyoda provides total solution for customer's demands on aged facilities, from Root-cause investigations, proposal of countermeasures to detail engineering of them.


Acoustic emission (AE) technology

Acoustic Emission (AE) is one of acoustic wave that is produced by energy release inside a material, such as microfracture, cracking, corrosion, etc. AE-based diagnosis is an extremely effective method for real-time checking for various types of defects and levels of deterioration of the inside of a structure. It enables real-time detection of changes in the dynamic structure of materials, which is difficult by conventional diagnosis methods. AE technology enables to diagnose for pipe leakage and corrosion on a tank bottom, condition of a machine tool without damaging or overhauling the subject.