Safety Message

In Chiyoda, safety is nurtured through our safety culture called “C-Safe”, within which we promote the mindset that “safety is our core value and always comes first”. Safety directly influences business performance.

The catastrophic impact of COVID-19 since the end of 2019 has been, and continues to be, unprecedented and our daily lives will continue to be affected by this extraordinary virus.

COVID-19 however, emphasizes the need for us to communicate sincerely through heart-to-heart conversations and to demonstrate combined resilience, while we all adapt to a “New Norm” in our daily lives.

C-Safe not only contributes to business performance, but can also be a major factor in influencing our heart-to-heart conversations and developing resilience in our personal and business lives, especially when combined with our passion for "安全第一 Anzen Daiichi (safety first).

*Trademark registration for C-Safe is currently pending.

Corporate SQE Policy