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Social Contribution Activities



The Chiyoda Group is actively seeking solutions to global issues in order to help create a better society. This is not just a matter of social contributions through business. We will also continue working closely with local communities to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Taking ‘CSR promotion by all members together’ as our motto, and with collaboration and coexistence with local communities as our objective, we will continue our corporate existence as a contributor to the sustainable development of society. By having our employees participate in these activities, we are also heightening their motivation to contribute to society and developing human capital that will be capable of contributing not just to business performance but to society as a whole.

The Chiyoda Group's Social Contribution Activities in FY2017

Widen the Circle of Exchange and Collaboration with Local
Communities and Aim to Further Realize the Sustainable Development of Society

Educational Support & Human Resource Development

Students received on company visits and CGH outreach lecturers dispatched

Students received by company 3 times and outreach lecturers dispatched 2 times as career development support for students.

School Drive Campaign
(CPh, CPW, and L&TC)

We donated school supplies to local primary schools.


Sale of used books and DVDs donated by employees yielded ¥12,577 that was put to use for school construction and other purposes in developing countries.

Assistance to areas hit by disasters

Assistance to Areas Hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake Employees Serve as Volunteer Relief Workers
(Chiyoda Group within Japan)

Kamaishi City and Otsuchi Town, Iwate Prefecture, were visited 6 times and a total of 54 people dispatched for relief activities.

Yubeshi no Kai
(CGH and Koyasu office & research park)

In-house sales of products from earthquake-affected areas are held every month.

Other Initiatives

• Purchase of CO2 sequestration credit (19.00 t-CO2)
• Registration for Green Wave Program*2

Donations (CIC, Chiyoda Group within Japan)

Donations for hurricane victim relief sent to U.S. state of Texas.

Support for people with special needs

Heart-Made Sale
(CGH and Koyasu office & research park)

In-house sales of products made by people with special needs in Yokohama are held monthly at CGS and every other month at the Koyasu office.

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony (CGH)

Chiyoda has been supporting Japan Philharmonic Orchestra of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony since 2011, and every year we give invitations with 25 pairs of tickets to people with visual impairments.
(Letter of appreciation recipients from Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare.)

Environmental Conservation

Community clean-up activities
(CGH and Koyasu office & research park)

In cooperation with community clean-up activities, a total of 157 personnel participated in the Minatomirai and Koyasu districts.

Tree planting activities

In cooperation with the City Environment and Waste Management Ofce, 99 trees were planted.

Donation of unused pamphlets (AIC)

To the JATA*3 Environment Fund Donated 12 cartons of unused pamphlets and the proceeds were used for protection and preservation of natural and cultural heritage sites.

Contributions to Health & Welfare

Table For Two*4
(Koyasu office & research park)

1,581 meals provided.

ECO CAP*5 Program
(Chiyoda Group within Japan)

198,660 caps recycled (Vaccine doses for 231 people)

Blood donation
(Implemented at CPh, CSL, and L&TC)

  • 1: Old books, old CDs, DVDs and videos lying around in our office and house. Used-book store BookOff will then buy these items, and a part of it will be used in JEN’s “School Support Program” in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan. (JEN is Japan Emergency NGO)
  • 2: An initiative to spread the “Green Wave” across the Earth by tree planting and so on carried out on the International Day for Biological Diversity established by the United Nations.
  • 3: In 2001, the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) has set up the JATA Environmental Fund for supporting sustainable tourism and preserving cultural and natural sites.
  • 4: The TFT menu provided at employee dining halls includes a 20-yen donation, and each 20 yen can provide one school meal in a developing country.
  • 5: Caps for PET bottles are collected at the office and the proceeds (approximately 860 caps provides a polio vaccine for one person) are sent to developing countries.

 CGH: Chiyoda Global Headquarters
 AIC:  Arrowhead International Corporation
 CIC:  Choyoda International Corporation
 CPh: Chiyoda Philippines Corporation
 CPW: Chiyoda & Public Works Co., Ltd.
 CSL: Chiyoda Singapore (Pte.) Limited
 L&TC: L&T-Chiyoda Limited