Social Contribution Activities



The Chiyoda Group is actively seeking solutions to global issues in order to help create a better society. This is not just a matter of social contributions through business. We will also continue working closely with local communities to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Taking ‘CSR promotion by all members together’ as our motto, and with collaboration and coexistence with local communities as our objective, we will continue our corporate existence as a contributor to the sustainable development of society. By having our employees participate in these activities, we are also heightening their motivation to contribute to society and developing human capital that will be capable of contributing not just to business performance but to society as a whole.

The Chiyoda Group's Social Contribution Activities in FY2023

Widen the Circle of Exchange and Collaboration with Local
Communities and Aim to Further Realize the Sustainable Development of Society

Educational Support & Human Resource Development

Company Visits and Visiting Lectures


Chiyoda has accepted student visits from high schools located in the Yokohama city since FY 2014.
By giving students opportunity with cross-sectional cooperation to observe and experience actual work environment of an engineering company, and to talk with Chiyoda employees, we support them in their effort to think about what they want to work for.

Assistance to areas hit by disasters

Volunteer Activities by Company Employees in Support of the Great East Japan Earthquake

In 2023, we visited the areas including earthquake memorial ruins for disaster prevention education, and for
sustainability activities through planting trees for forest conservation.

Yubeshi no Kai


Chiyoda held ‘in-house’ sales events of products from disaster-stricken areas.

Support for people with special needs

Heart Made Sale


In cooperation with the Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare, we have sold sweets made by persons with disabilities in their community workshops since 2017.

Japan’s Philharmonic Orchestra concert of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Chiyoda has supported Japan’s Philharmonic Orchestra of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony since 2011 and provides 25 pairs of tickets annually to visually impaired people in Yokohama.

Environmental Conservation

Community Clean-up Activities (Chiyoda Global Headquarters)

We have taken part in cleanup activities regularly at the Grand Mall Park under the park protection initiatives by the Yokohama Minatomirai 21.

Community Clean-up Activities (Koyasu Office & Research Park)

We have taken part in cleanup activities held regularly by the liaison council of neighbourhood associations in Kanagawa Ward.

Contributions to Health & Welfare

Table For Two*


Chiyoda provided 1,370 school lunches to children in developing countries.

* The TFT menu provided at employee dining halls includes a 20-yen donation, and each 20 yen can provide one school meal in a developing country.

ECO CAP Program*

Chiyoda collected plastic bottle caps ‘in-house’, contributing to vaccine doses for 228 children in developing countries.

* Caps for PET bottles are collected at the office and the proceeds (approximately 860 caps provides a polio vaccine for one person) are sent to developing countries.

The CSR activities have also contributed to conservation of the forest in Kamaishi, Iwate, through the “ECO coin” system*1.

*1:The number of people who participate in CSR activities are converted to the ECO coins. By using such ECO coins saved for 1 year, we purchase “the saved ECO coins x 500 yen” worth of CO2 absorption credit.
*2:FORESTOCK Certification is a certification system by the Forest Management Association of Japan that certifies CO2 absorption by forests under appropriate management and converts the amount of absorption to credit to be issued.

FORESTOCK Certification*2