Advanced Engineering Technology

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Simulation and Analysis Technology

Simulation and Analysis technology is a key component in the design of various processes. The technology is advancing rapidly and increases in computing speed has led to its more efficient use. Chiyoda offers precision designs using Simulation and Analysis technology in each design phase and is playing an advanced role in its development.

Examples of Simulation and Analysis Technologies

Process Simulation

This technology calculates material and heat balances, which constitute the basis of plant design, and offers the engineering data necessary for equipment and piping design.

Reaction Modeling/Analysis

In processes containing reactions, reactor design is important. In new development processes, Chiyoda creates reaction models based on experimental data and performs reaction rate analysis for optimal reactor design.

Heat Utilization Analysis

Pinch technology and other analysis technologies are essential in energy analysis. Chiyoda has adopted pinch technology for its energy-saving analysis on individual plants and industrial complexes.

Dynamic Simulation

Recognizing plant behavior during start up, shut down or failure, and reflecting the behavior in the design, is essential in designing plant control systems and ensuring plant safety. The technology to create and study dynamic models for major equipment is used in training simulators for operational support and personnel development.

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) Analysis

This numerical analysis/simulation technology, which has advanced significantly along with improved computer performance, enables observation of fluid dynamics using fluid dynamic equation solutions and is used to verify the design of important plant areas, analyze problems in existing plants and improve performance.

Structural Analysis

This technology is used to verify structural strength using the Finite Element Metho (FEM) during the design phase of equipment and piping. Recent technological advancements has allowed precision analysis of complex structures.


Functional reliability and safety is required in industrial facilities and their equipment which may not be guaranteed with single technology or analysis. Chiyoda's "Multi-physics Solution" offers precise multiple analysis technologies and communication between team members. A major advantage of Chiyoda's service is that the "Solution PM" assembles and leads a team to effectively find solutions.

Applicable range

  • Oil & Gas, Chemical
  • LNG
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • General industry
  • Troublesooting, R&D, Scaling up of equipment