Chiyoda Advanced
Solutions (ChAS)

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Consultation on Plant Diagnoses

I. Consultation on equipment diagnosis

Chiyoda diagnoses and evaluates equipment condition by using conventional and advanced technologies of non-destructive inspection and measurement.

Advantage of ChAS RBI Service

  • Wide experience of RBI projects in many plant facilities
  • RBI based on API RP581 / our own criteria
  • Providing RBI service according to your RBI phase
    • Providing 1st RBI
    • Review RBI (if you already have RBI base), and support PDCA cycle

PBI risk matrix

Corrosion Loop

Similar process conditions / materials selection

Corrosion Table

Description of each corrosion loop

  • Construction material
  • Operating condition
  • Failure modes
  • Corrosvity etc.

Flowchart for assessment of probability of failure

Guideline for assessment of material degradation, which includes:

  • Description of failure mode
  • Flowchart for assessment of probability of failure
  • Remaining life assessment
  • Inspection methods

II. Consultation on plant maintenance plans

Chiyoda provides support on preparation and optimization of plant maintenance plans. Those plans are based on equipment condition data obtained by applying our equipment diagnosis technologies.

III. Consultation on Root-Cause Analysis (RCA)

For uncertain cause damage and/or trouble, Chiyoda provides consultation on damage cause investigation and problem solving solution using an analytical process (Root-Cause Analysis, RCA).

IV. Consultation on research and development

Chiyoda provides consultation on development for new equipment diagnosis technologies and methods suited to your equipment.


Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) technology

The damage risk to the facility is defined as the probability of failure (PoF) times the consequence of that failure (CoF). This calculation is made for each piece of equipment and pipe in the facility. This is called a “focus inspection of critical areas.” This procedure has been performed widely around the world for more than twenty years.

Chiyoda uses its rich historical experience in plant construction, material selection, and cause investigation to perform the most comprehensive inspection of equipment, using advanced inspection methods and RBI technology.

Acoustic Emission (AE) technology

Acoustic Emission (AE) is one of acoustic wave that generates by energy release inside a material, such as microfracture, cracking, corrosion, etc. AE-based diagnosis is an extremely effective method for real-time checking for various types of defects and deterioration of the inside of a structure. It enables real-time detection of changes in the internal structure, which is difficult by conventional diagnosis methods. AE technology enables to diagnose for pipe leakage and corrosion on a tank bottom, condition of a machine tool without damaging or overhauling the subject.

Chiyoda provides advanced AE technology and service over 30 years and we have a full range of AE experience on a wide variety of equipment on equipment installation, structural integrity evaluation, QC in manufacture, research and development, training, etc.

Key projects

Case 1: Consultation on Risk-Based Inspection (RBI)

The flow of RBI is,

  • "Classification of equipment and pipe in group by similar environment" →
  • "Extraction of failure modes assumed in each group" →
  • "Assessment of probability of failure and consequence of failure of the equipment and pipe"→
  • "Suggestion of individual countermeasures "

Detailed examination is necessary that go through each representative step. In addition, a wide range of information sharing is essential that rolled up inspection and maintenance section as well as operation section and management section. Chiyoda has an abundant RBI experience with specialist which could help our customer in safety & risk reduction, optimization of maintenance and inspection plan.

Case 2: Consultation on Asset integrity assessment

"To confirm integrity of the equipment planning to start-up after a long term shut down" "To confirm integrity of the equipment after partial renewal and modify work" The extensive knowledge and experience about degradation phenomenon and inspection technique are essential to integrity evaluation. Chiyoda provides the most suitable solution based on abundant experience and collaboration of the specialist of each field.

Caes3: Maintenance Planning of Tank Yard

"Maintenance cost reduction through improving inspection and repair work plans" The maintenance of above-ground oil tanks is very important from the standpoint of safety. In case of oil leakage at damaged bottom plate by corrosion, it might cause environmental impact and fire accident. In order to achieve safety operation and economical maintenance, diagnostics of bottom plate without plant shut-down and tank opening as non-destructive inspection are required for them. AE Global diagnostics by Chiyoda identifies the location of corrosion area and estimates corrosion speed based on measured data. This enables to ensure greater suitability of the maintenance plan prior to refitting the tanks by determining the elements of repair work, preparing materials to use, and establishing procedures for construction plan. Chiyoda supports customer’s preparation about maintenance plans, for instance, determining the priority of inspections based on the degree of corrosion.