Global Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

Expanding and Advancing our Human Resource Pool

The expansion and advancement of the Chiyoda group’s greatest asset, its human resources, is the driving force for growth.

We have defined four ‘Job Categories’ as listed below and, in September 2020, the group launched a human resource system, led by a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) and supported by four Human Resources Officers (HRO) appointed from the four disciplines responsible for developing human resources in a systematic and efficient manner.

The group has launched an initiative to develop human resources for which ‘Business Extension Abilities’ and ‘Organizational Management Capabilities’ have been designated under HROs’ initiative as universally required for realizing our human resource vision.

◆Training programs

Digital Human Resource Development

After strengthening our foundations through Human Resource Digital Transformation (DX), we will engineer Project Execution Management DX, Corporate Management DX and Social and Industrial DX to accelerate new profitable businesses.

1) DX Promotion

We have continuously developed digital human resources and fostered a DX culture to advance DX.
We established a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Office in July 2021, including Digital Officers (DOs) and Digital Transformation Evangelists from each division, to promote company-wide DX under Chiyoda's DX Vision, based on the Four Basic Strategies of Project Execution Management DX, Corporate Management DX, Business DX and Human Resources DX.
Since April 2022, the HR/DX Division has been accelerating our internal business process re-engineering by combining human resource re-engineering with DX.

2) Specific initiatives

We have developed digital human resources by dividing personnel into the three categories of: 1) Top Management: 2) Core Human Resources to advance DX and, 3) All Other Employees.
We have bestowed a requirement upon core human resources to advance DX and acquire the Japan Deep Learning Association (JDLA)'s E-Certificate, a certification for AI human resources. In 2022, four personnel were successfully certified, making nineteen in total.
In December 2022, the group was certified as a DX Business Operator by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

Digital Transformation Certification
The DX certification is based on the ‘Act on Facilitation of Information Processing’. The national certification initiative certifies companies that are recognized as ready to promote digital transformation (DX-ready) and meet the basic requirements specified in the ‘Digital Governance Code’ established by METI.

Global Human Resources Development

Global Cooperation and Human Resources Development through Engineering

The group is committed to developing global human resources and, as listed below, cooperated in JCCP training programs around the world due to COVID-19 limiting international travel to Japan.
In fiscal year 2021, we imparted Chiyoda expertise to 107 trainees.

Following the easing of international travel restrictions, we will recommence training sessions in Japan and/or dispatch instructors from Japan to trainee home offices.
Communication is imperative to identify customer requirements and ensure training programs meet their expectations by matching their technical and cultural needs with Chiyoda-driven solutions.
Our engineering training contributes to developing human resources and establishing sustainable industrial infrastructure in our countries of operation.

JCCP training: ‘CPJ-18-22: Carbon Neutrality (New Energy) and Leadership’

Chiyoda Group Training with JCCP in Fiscal Year 2021

ContentsNumber of

Japan’s Activities & Technologies aiming for Carbon Neutral Society

17 JCCP Online & On-site
Equipment and Materials and Corrosion Management
12 Chiyoda Global Headquarters (CGH) On-site

Planning of New Refineries and Upgrading
- for the next generation -

13 JCCP On-site
Japan’s Advanced Technologies for Refinery Power Plants
14 JCCP On-site
Project Management for the Petroleum Industry




DX for Refinery Power Plants

CGH On-site
Carbon Neutrality (New Energy) and Leadership

Koyasu Research Park


Establishing Industrial Infrastructure through the Transfer of Technical Expertise

Chiyoda Almana Engineering LLC and Chiyoda Corporation have combined to develop human resources to support Qatar’s National Vision 2030 of ’evolving Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development by the year 2030.’

Chiyoda has supported the development of young engineers through the transfer of technical expertise since 2013 and, in fiscal year 2021, conducted technical training programs for seven engineers from Qatargas Operating Company Limited and QatarEnergy.
The program covered a wide range of fields, from providing engineering-related knowledge essential to operate LNG plants, to updating knowledge essential to operate energy plants, such as utilization of AI, actions for decarbonization, utilization of hydrogen as an energy source and others.

By providing human resource development programs for technical employees, project managers and project leaders, Chiyoda will continue to grow while contributing to the development of industrial and technologically innovative infrastructure in the countries where it operates.

With participating engineers from Qatargas Operating Company Limited and QatarEnergy

Project Management Courses at Yokohama National University and Kyushu University, and Global Human Resource Training Courses at Sophia University

Commissioned by the Engineering Advancement Association of Japan, the group conducts project management courses at Yokohama National University and Kyushu University every year to enhance student awareness of the engineering industry and promote human resource development through industry–academia collaboration.

The group has also conducted human resource training courses at Sophia University since 2018 and has supported students through to final presentation ceremonies at Keidanren Kaikan.
The courses have been praised by the universities as ‘informative learning opportunities provided by current professionals based on personal experience and a wealth of knowledge’, thus contributing to greater recognition of the Chiyoda brand and increased awareness of our business activities.

The group conducts engineering-related courses to nurture its diverse human resources and develops interest in the unlimited potential of engineering in contributing to resolving new challenges supporting a sustainable society.

Project management course being held at Yokohama National University