Management Team

As of April 1, 2024

Mr. Masakazu Sakakida, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Sakakida Joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1981. In 2013, appointed as Senior Vice President, Chairman & Managing Director of Mitsubishi Corporation India Private Ltd., and concurrently worked as Deputy Regional CEO, Asia & Oceania (South Asia). In 2017, served as Corporate Functional Officer and Member of the Board, Executive Vice President, with responsibility for Corporate Administration, Legal, Corporate Communications, and Corporate Sustainability & CSR, and concurrently served as CCO and Officer for Emergency Crisis Management Headquarters (Japan & Overseas / New Infectious Diseases, Compliance). In June 2021, he joined Chiyoda Corporation as Chairman of the Board & CEO & Chief Wellness Officer (CWO). In April 2022, appointed as Chairman of the Board, President & CEO. Concurrently served as Chief Sustainability Officer(CSO)in the same year.

Looking ahead to the rapidly changing external environment, especially a low-carbon/ decarbonized society, I would like to steer the company with high aspirations so that it can make the most of our engineering and project management capabilities and continue to be trusted by society and all stakeholders.
In order to steadily achieve the updated Revitalization Plan, I will bring the power of all employees together and strive for a strong group capable of overcoming difficulties.


Mr. Koji Ota, Director, President & CEO

Mr. Ota joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1989 and was appointed Senior Vice President and Division COO of the Plant Engineering Division in 2019. In 2022, he served as Executive Vice President and Group CEO of the Industrial Infrastructure Group and as a Director of Chiyoda Corporation, while also fulfilling his role for the Plant Engineering Division. In 2023, he served as Executive Vice President and Group CEO of the Industrial Infrastructure Group of Mitsubishi Corporation and in April 2024 was appointed President & COO of Chiyoda Corporation.

Although our external business environment continues to radically change on a larger scale and more rapidly than anticipated, Chiyoda welcomes these challenges as an opportunity to apply our engineering and project execution expertise, innovative technological prowess and problem-solving capabilities while transforming our business portfolio to meet the needs of modern society. The Group welcomes the prospect of collaborating with customers, partners and all stakeholders, working together as ‘One Team’ to achieve our new purpose of ‘Enriching Society through Engineering Value’ for the benefit of both current and future inhabitants of planet Earth.

Mr. Atsushi Deguchi, Executive Vice President  

Mr. Deguchi commenced his career with The Bank of Tokyo (now MUFJ Bank) in 1991. After holding prominent positions including President of The Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ (Turkey) and Managing Director, Head of the Corporate Banking Division No. 1, Corporate Banking Group No. 1 of MUFG Bank, he assumed the role of Managing Director, Corporate Planning Department of MUFG Bank in 2020. In 2021, he served as an Executive Officer, Regional Executive for India and Sri Lanka of MUFG Bank. In April 2023, he was appointed as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Chiyoda Corporation and Representative Director, Executive Vice President, CFO and Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) in June the same year.

Mr. Deguchi said: “I would like to contribute to building a sustainable society by utilizing Chiyoda’s expertise in the energy field and I will take the lead in achieving this goal. I am aiming to realize a stronger organization/team to fit with any business environment by relying on every employee’s growth and positive attitude to work. To nurture such elements within each one of us, I will make every effort to create a better workplace for everyone to work proactively.”


Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board Masakazu Sakakida*1 〔CWO〕
Director, President Koji Ota 〔CEO & CSO〕
Director Atsushi Deguchi*1 〔CFO & CCO〕
Director Naoki Kobayashi
Director Masao Ishikawa
Director Ryo Matsukawa*2
Director Yutaka Kunigo*2

Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Members

Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Shuhei Watanabe
Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Mika Narahashi*2
Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee Member Hisashi Ito*2

Executive Officers

President & CEO Koji Ota
Senior Executive Vice President Hiroyuki Shimizu
Executive Vice President Atsushi Deguchi
Executive Vice President Naoki Kobayashi
Executive Vice President Tetsuya Konno
Senior Vice President Norimasa Matsuoka
Senior Vice President Masaki Kumagai 〔CHRO & CDO〕
Senior Vice President Toshiaki Saito
Senior Vice President Takayuki Naito
Senior Vice President Daiki Kasugahara
Vice President Keio Naruko
Vice President Masami Tamura
Vice President Katsuhiko Jogan
Vice President Yuzo Masuda
Vice President Kimiho Sakurai
Vice President Masato Matsubara
Vice President Nobutaka Nagahashi
Vice President Toshiyuki Ito


Fellow Munekazu Kanda
Fellow Yoshimi Okada
Fellow Keisuke Matsukawa

*1: means a representative director.
*2: means an external director as provided for in Article 2-15 of the Company Act.

CEO  :Chief Executive Officer
CWO  :Chief Wellness Officer
CSO  :Chief Sustainability Officer
CFO  :Chief Financial Officer
CCO  :Chief Compliance Officer
CHRO :Chief Human Resources Officer
CDO  :Chief Digital Officer