Advanced Industries

Advanced Material Plant

High Heat-resistant Carbon Fiber Factory

3D Image Inside Plant

By skillful command of process design, piping and instrumentation technology, and process automation expertise, we achieve both increasing production and improving production efficiency by factory expansion.

Most advanced material factories use gas and chemical that require special attention.

Knowledge acquired by design and construction of oil/chemical plant has been transferred to secure execution of authorization application, design, and construction process with safety considerations.

Chiyoda Corporation will strive for low-carbon society through customers’ advanced material production activities.

Related Technology

  • Automation and Scaling-up
    We support customer with scaling-up for small-scale production process.
    We also accelerate production automation process to achieve both increasing production and efficiency.
  • Visualization/Stabilization
    With effective deployment of multiple sensors, once human-sensory production process will be stabilized and can establish product traceability with data aggregation.
  • Optimum Maintenance
    Under pressure to shorten maintenance duration, we will reduce the workload by space design (3D CG and 3D CG), adding sensors and using AI for data analysis from the start of design process with consideration to maintainability.

Food and Beverage Plant

Modernization of Rice Confectionary Plant

3D Image Inside Food Factory

Using knowledge by multiple business field projects, we utilize advanced technologies of other industries into food and beverage production processes for energy saving and productivity improvement.

Project management knowledge is transferred, when uninterrupted production expansion required in many cases, to prepare careful construction planning and to launch earliest production.

Various food hygiene standards required for food and beverage industry factories can be fully handled.

Chiyoda Corporation will strive for low-carbon society through activities with food safety, new protein source production expansion, .and reduction of waste loss in production processes.

Related Technology

  • Cross-industry Technology Transfer
    Heating/cooling process frequently used in food and beverages industry can be innovated as more efficient process by cross-industry technology transfer from other industry’s proven technology and facility.
  • Factory Innovation by Unitary Management
    Chiyoda will manage design and construct all elements from the building to production facility, collectively coordinate the building layout, corrosive requirement, HVAC requirement, etc, to realize “a factory with uniformity.”
  • Visualization of Output
    The plan will be visualized with 3D CG and 3D CAD utilization to promote fluent communication among stakeholder (information sharing and consensus on current status.)

Metal/Precious Metal Plant

Precious Metal Recycling Plant

Precious Metal Recycling Plant

Recycling limited resources is an important initiative for realizing a sustainable society.
The demand for recovering various metals and precious metals from recycled materials such as electronic board scrap and residues called “Urban Mines” is soaring rapidly.

Focusing on this field from early on, Chiyoda Corporation has built a precious metal recycling plant since the early 2000s, and has been constructing multiple factories since then.
We successfully met our customers’ expectations, utilizing our prominent engineering capabilities, through rare metal and precious metal-related feasibility studies (FS) and metal refining plants, such as joint research on lithium recovery from salt lake brackish water, rare earth recovery from tin residues, etc.

Chiyoda Corporation will strive for low-carbon society through activities with customers’ business serving for effective use of resources.

Introduction: Related Technologies

  • Support for Authority Application
    Factories that consume multiple chemicals need multiple authority applications and expertise of the process. We assure customers of timely application on schedule by supporting preparation of application document.
  • Expansion
    By working together with customers from the planning phase, we design layouts and utilities that afford future expansion.
    The expansion design covers not only the production facility but also the welfare facility and “Open Factory” renovation.

Plant Factory Business

Fully Enclosed Artificial Light Plant Factory

View “Cultivation Demonstration Plant”
Built in our Koyasu Research Park
(Chiyoda Corporation Research and Development Base)

Further to providing engineering services related to energy and the environment, Chiyoda Corporation has begun offering solutions in the fields of biotechnology and food. In particular, we have focused on the potential of “fully enclosed artificial light (LED) plant factory” as one of the answers to the recent global concerns in the agricultural sector, such as extremely abnormal weather, the global expansion of areas where plants cannot grow, and the shortage of agricultural workers. In early 2000, we provided measurement and monitoring technology to the plant factory owners in Japan. Then, we delivered demonstration plant factory (vegetable factory) systems for leafy vegetables to the Middle East (UAE, Qatar) where we established and utilized the cultivation operation manuals from the perspective of an engineering company, thereby launched cultivation production promptly and successfully.
We are currently in discussions with a number of domestic and overseas companies who are considering plant factory operations for leafy vegetables and fruit vegetables.
In addition, we aim to contribute to society in the near future by collaboration with the field of biopharmaceuticals applying the recent advances in biotechnology.

Screen Shot of Monitoring User Interface

Inside Cultivation Shelves

Service Range

  • Plant Factory Business Feasibility Study・Plant Factory EPC
  • Plant Factory Technology Development
  • Plant Factory Technology Assessment
  • Plant Factory Operation and Maintenance Consultation

Patented Technologies

  • Japan Patent No. 6549777 Plant Cultivation System
  • Japan Patent No. 6656926 Farm Products Growth State Determination Method and Cultivation Method
  • Japan Published Unexamined Patent Application 2019-103452 Plant Cultivation System and Method
    Now For Patent Application:Cultivation Forecast Technology