Life Science Advanced Industries

life science

Advanced Industries

  • Advanced Material Industry
  • Food/Beverage Industry
  • Automobile Related Industry
  • Electronic Material Industry
  • Recycling Rare Metal Industry
  • Functional Fiber and Functional Catalyst Industry
  • Plant Factory Business
VR Tour
Advanced Material Plantclick!
  • Heat-resistant Carbon Fiber
  • Functional Resin and Rubber
  • Functional Catalyst
Food and Beverage Plantclick!
  • Advanced Luxury Item
  • Processed Food, Rice Confectionery
  • Fertilizer, Animal Feed
Metal/Precious Metal Plantclick!
  • Precious Metal Recycling
  • Rare Metal
Plant Factoryclick!
  • Fully Enclosed Artificial Light Plant Factory
  • Plant Cultivation System
  • Vegetable Factory / Strawberry Factory
Automobile Plant
  • Truck Assembly Line Automation
EV, FCV and Related Plant
  • Li-ion Related Materials
  • High-performance Magnet
Alternative Protein Business
Factory Automation/Robotizationclick!
  • Automatic Carrier by AGV and AGF
  • Process Automation by Robot Arm
Electronic Material Plant
  • Liquid Crystal Film
  • Solar Cell Panel
AI/IOT Technologyclick!