Dialogue with Society

Strengthening Cooperation with Partners

Amid the ongoing changes in the business environment, including the growing size of plants, the increasing sophistication in equipment and demands for earlier project completion, it is becoming increasingly important to select the best suppliers and supervise their work by using our quality management systems.

Recently, companies are being requested to promote strict compliance to their business partners as well and to share significance of compliance and CSR with them. For the further promotion of our CSR with the business partners including supply chain management, we have been making efforts to familiarize them with our Corporate Philosophy, CSR Values and various rules. For this purpose, we have delivered “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY POLICY” to business partners thorough supply chain, and requested them to follow our CSR policy and rules.

Standard business agreement with business partners specifies compliance with construction law, labor standard law, employment security law, industrial safety and health law, workmen’s accident compensation insurance law, and other applicable laws and regulations. In addition, in order to exclude anti-social forces, anti-social exclusion clauses are incorporated to promote CSR procurement in the entire supply chain including business partners. Also at the annual meeting of the sub-contractors, "Chiyoda Group Employee Handbook" were handed them.

Efforts Toward Sustainability at Chiyoda-Almana

Affordable and Clean Energy Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action

Affordable and Clean Energy Responsible Consumption and Production Climate Action

In addition to ensuring satisfaction of customer and stakeholder needs by strengthening acquisition of international standard certifications in labor safety and sanitation, quality, and the environment, Chiyoda-Almana is contributing to the realization of a sustainable society as a trusted company.

Environmental Efforts
Given increased concern in minimizing gas flares* and in order to bring about a low-carbon society, we have launched and are engaged in a Flare Reduction Project (FRP) with goals of reducing CO2 emissions by reusing gas rather than combusting it. After completing basic designs for gas flare reduction in 2015, we began accepting EPC work in 2017 and are still actively engaged in this regard now.

Quality Efforts
On November 22, 2018, the FRP Team help “World Quality Day 2018” in collaboration with corporate partners involved in this project. Companies participating emphasized quality improvements aimed at further reducing gas flares, and the full team came together as a unit. Furthermore, at Chiyoda-Almana, we ensure quality according to ISO90001 procedures, an internationally-recognized quality certification. We implement performance assessment campaigns on all projects completed each year, and actively respond to customer feedback as we engage in dialogue.

Acquisition of International Certifications
In addition to our environmental and quality efforts in business, we have also developed an Integrated Management System (IMS) as a framework for business operational documentation, management, and improvements. From January to February of 2019, we also underwent IMS certification review by third-party agency Bureau Veritas for assessment of labor safety and sanitation, quality, environmental, and corporate responsibility compliance. We achieved the following results.

● New acquisition of ISO45001 certification for labor safety and sanitation
● Integration of ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 via IMS acquisition
● New adoption of ISO31000 as a risk management system

*. Flames produced from burning excess gas generated during LNG plant operations in order to neutralize redundant gas. Burning at flue tips (flare stacks) reduces harm to some degree, but solutions are in demand from a perspective focused on reducing greenhouse gases.

Integration of ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 via IMS acquisitio

World Quality Day 2018

Improved LNG Productivity Using AI (“LNG Plant Optimizer”) on PT Donggi-Senoro LNG (DSLNG)

Affordable and Clean Energy Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Affordable and Clean Energy Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

We have introduced “LNG Plant AI Optimizer” to increase LNG production on an existing plant of DSLNG on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. This is the first project in the world where and innovative AI product - Deep Learning* has been introduced on an existing LNG facility to safely increase LNG production and improve economic efficiency with no plant modifications.
We are continually striving to achieve its goal of Digital Innovation Technology.

*. A method and technology to enable computers themselves to capture the potential features of the data to make more accurate and efficient decision through multi-layered neutral networks simulated h