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C-Safe Culture

C-Safe is Chiyoda’s company specific safety program, consisting of management systems and behavior improvement techniques.
The program follows a pragmatic approach to manage safety with due consideration to fluctuating global demands where we cannot always rely on conventional theories.
C-Safe applies best in class methodologies to enable us to cope better and do that with enthusiasm and resilience when faced with challenges and ad-hoc situations.

We are on a Safety Journey, applying our C-Safe Program that underpins:

  • Clear leadership expectations (comply, respect and intervene)
  • Clear communication to our personnel on a regular basis – demonstrating that Safety is a core value
  • Beliefs (that all incidents are preventable)
  • Measuring leading indicators and investigate all incidents including near misses to prevent recurrences
  • Promoting a “just” reporting culture
  • Continuously training all our personnel to ensure a working environment where we see each other work safely, resulting in our families seeing us returning home with no harm
  • Supporting the global “Building Responsibly” initiatives that serve as the industry standard on worker welfare so that competitiveness is not at the expense of the worker