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Packaging and Logistics

Construction of filling and packaging line

The filling and packaging is the most important process when products arrive at everyone's hands, because it is the last check step to keep the product quality.
In such filling and packaging process, multiple and connecting line with wrapping, arranging, putting in boxes, printing, inspecting, etc. and the length is about 50 m occasionally.
Therefore, it also affects the size of the whole factory, so it can also be used for factory construction costs that it will be an important consideration point to influence.
We don’t only realize customers' requests, and design the line, but also we purchase equipment, execute installation work, commissioning, adjustment, and validation (verification) before turnover.

Blister Packaging line

Packaging line

Logistics and Material handling

Logistics and Material handling is irreplaceable for building a pharmaceutical factory.
Even if we say material handling, it covers wide range from conveying powder and liquids to equipment such as automatic warehouse, automatic guided vehicle, vertical conveying machine and so on.
By combining these diverse logistics facilities and connecting them efficiently is an important element technology that greatly changes production efficiency.


Labor saving equipment


Our engineers who are good at the characteristic factors of each facility can suggest of course not only product quality but also operators and maintenance person can produce safely and efficiently.
We will propose line construction based on the latest trend of overseas and domestic.

For efficient product and material transport between production facilities, automatic warehouse and automatic transport vehicle etc., we will examine quantity of materials for equipment selection to fit operation, layout.
We will propose the operation and handling powder and liquid etc. in preparation process. We will respond with total solution.
Building a factory, if customers are to install additional production lines, usually, it will be very difficult to carry out project work while doing production.
Chiyoda's technical capabilities cultivated through plant construction make it possible for customers.
We can offer from manpower reduction, manage quality, cost, and schedule.

Applicable range

  • Oral medicine
  • External medicine
  • Sterile medicine
  • Narcotic
  • In addition to the above, export and import medicine packaging plants, logistics facilities, etc.