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Heat and Fluid Dynamics Simulation Technology

Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) Simulation enables you to visualize and quantitatively understand complex flow pattern and profies of temperature, concentration and so on inseide the equipment and clean room that are not normally observed. CFD simulation can be widely applied to deisign and engineering in order to optimize design and improve reliability, for example, the arrangement of air conditioner for clean room, scale up engineering for fermenter (Mixing vessel) .

Air flow pattern in automated warehouse

Hot exhaust diffusion from air cooled chiller

Flow pattern and profile of dissolved oxidaization in cell fermenter


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation technology, which has advanced significantly along with improved computer performance, makes possible the observation of fluid dynamics using solutions to fluid dynamic equations and is commonly used to verify the design of important plant areas, analyze trouble in existing plants, and improve their performance.

Applicable range

  • Optimization of vessel and mixing blade design and the operating conditions for cell fermenter
  • Scale up study for the mixing vessel or fermenter
  • Evaluation of airflow pattern in a clean room/evaluation of exhaust gas diffusion from the building
  • Study for airflow pattern in vivarium rooms