Courtesy of Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Facilities for Solid Preparation


Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Toyama, Japan

Scope of Work: 


Year of Completion: 

Nextage 2006, Pentagon: 2010, Pyramid: 2013, Obelisk: 2018

One of the Largest Production Plants for Oral Medicines in Japan

The Chiyoda Group (Chiyoda TechnoAce Co., Ltd., as the prime contractor for this project) has executed the engineering, procurement, construction and validation (EPCV) work of manufacturing plants for pills (Nextage, Pentagon, Pyramid and Obelisk Buildings at Toyoma Plant 1) with a total floor area of 38,300 square meters for Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Pentagon Building and Pyramid Building were completed in 2010 and 2013, respectively, and Obelisk Building was completed in 2018. When completed the plant will produce generic drugs in accordance with the policy promoting the use of generic drugs.

These plants will become one of the largest production plants for pills in Japan, able to produce 10 billion tablets a year through an integrated operation that links the buildings with connecting corridors.