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Gastech Conference & Exhibition

Information Apr 15, 2011

Chiyoda participated in the Gastech Conference & Exhibition held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 21st March to 24th March, 2011. The senior management of energy companies throughout the world, and many others with an interest in energy, gathered together under the watchful eyes of many people in many countries.

Chiyoda set out its stall under the slogan for this Gastech, “Go Cleaner, Go Greener, Go Chiyoda”, with panels and images showing the main thrust of three topics we wanted to focus upon;

(1)Gas Value Chain for the Future
(2)Green Energy
(3)Carbon Management & Water Management

In addition to promoting our unrivalled track record, and introducing the future developments in “Gas Value Chain”, we publicized our new field of business including renewable energy such as photovoltaic power generation, next-generation water circulation systems, etc.

Our booth received favorable reviews, particularly because of the 11 touch-screen tablet computers deployed for visitors to review information, watch promotional videos and get a more detailed presentation of the material displayed on the panels in our booth.

We also received heartfelt sympathy from many people who visited our booth which was directed towards those affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Pacific Coast of the Tohoku region on March 11.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those well-wishers, and hope that those directly affected by the natural disaster are able to resume normal life in the foreseeable future.