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CSR Management

As circumstances in the world community grow more complex, we are being called on to grasp changes in business environments as soon as they occur, and to respond appropriately to the demands of the times. In order to achieve further growth of the global environment and human society in a sustainable community, Chiyoda appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) starting in April 2018 to ensure grasping issues correctly and proceed to resolve them.

Message from the CSO

I am Ryosuke Shimizu, the newly appointed CSO and Director of the Corporate Planning Division. As the Corporate Planning Division Director, I promote short and medium-term management strategy in accordance with the current medium-term management plan, ‘Mirai Engineering’ – A Grand Opportunity for the Future. In addition, I will formulate long-term strategy and take active measures toward the sustainable development of society.
For that purpose, it is important to declare and commit to objectives and cite specific cases that will contribute to resolving issues with our technology and human capital that are this company’s strengths. In this, we will also focus on SDGs, which are common world goals, with a view to the year 2030. Having linked the activities we are currently undertaking to the SDGs, we will uncover the key issues and from them obtain particular themes that are to be integrated with management as priority issues. As I see it, it is the mission of the CSO to be responsible for these innovations of the integration, and to link them to long-term strategies that are in line with our CSR.
We think that the global movement toward realization of a carbon-free society by climate change initiatives adopted in SDGs and declared in the Paris Agreement also represents a major opportunity for Chiyoda. First of all, one of the key issues we have identified for Chiyoda to address is the realization of a carbon-free society, which we envision for the year 2030 or a bit more. In order to study measures aimed at achieving this, and to formulate a strategy for it, we established the Decarbonization Advancement Office in the Corporate Planning Division as of June 1, 2018.

There is also the matter of the CSR based management awareness, which our Corporate Philosophy describes as our aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society. We intend to strengthen our resolve on this still further, and therefore we announced a new Business Vision in May of this year that integrates our former Business Vision and CSR Vision, which used to be separate. The five themes of our former CSR Vision are now positioned as CSR Values that continue to be shared by Group employees in support of the new Business Vision. By means of engineering, we will keep on contributing to the effort toward a sustainable global environment and human society.