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Social Contribution Activities



The Chiyoda Group is actively seeking solutions to global issues in order to help create a better society. This is not just a matter of Social Contributions. We will also continue working closely with local communities to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


Taking “CSR promotion by all members together” as a motto, we are engaging continuously in social contribution activities of all types, both inside and outside Japan, with the aim of collaboration and harmonious coexistence with local communities.

The Chiyoda Group's Social Contribution Activities

Widen the Circle of Exchange and Collaboration with Local
Communities and Aim to Further Realize the Sustainable Development of Society

Educational Support & Human Resource Development


Operating in 7 companies

Student visits to the Company

38 students

University lecturers

Held at 2 universities

Grade school campaign drive

(Donation of books, satchels, uniforms, etc., by CPh and L&TC)

Donations for 270 students

Assistance to areas hit by disasters

Remittance of donations for earthquakes in Italy, Ecuador, and Kumamoto

(Implemented at Chiyoda Group in Japan and at CPh)

Employee volunteer dispatching to areas hit by disasters

(Implemented at Chiyoda Group in Japan)

Purchase of CO2 sequestration credit(19.00t-CO2) Registration for Green Wave program*2

7 visits 70 people participated

Providing food to the victims of large-scale disasters

(implemented at CPh)

500 people

Sale of products from areas hit by disasters

(Held at CGH and Koyasu Office)

10 gatherings

Collaboration with Yokohama City Council of Social Welfare

In-house sale of products made by people with special needs

(CGH and Koyasu Office)

15 gatherings

Japan Philharmonic performance of Beethoven’s "9th Symphony" concert invitations provided to those with visual impairments (letter of appreciation recipients)

25 sets 50 people invited

Environmental Conservation

Tree planting

(implemented at CPW)

43 participants 200 trees planted

Cleaning operations

(Implemented at Chiyoda Group in Japan, Chiyoda-Almana, and CSL)

Over 350 participants

Contributions to Health & Welfare

Table For Two*2

(Facilitated domestically by the Chiyoda Group)


37,200 yen
(1,860 meals provided)

ECOCAP*3 collection

(Implemented at Chiyoda Group in Japan)

caps recycled
(Vaccine doses for 228 people)

Blood donation

(Implemented at CPh and L&TC)

503 donors

  • 1: An initiative to spread the “Green Wave” across the Earth by tree planting and so on carried out on the International Day for Biological Diversity established by the United Nations.
  • 2: The TFT menu provided at employee dining halls includes a 20-yen donation, and each 20 yen can provide one school meal in a developing country.
  • 3: Caps for PET bottles are collected at the office and the proceeds (approximately 860 caps provides a polio vaccine for one person) are sent to developing countries.