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GMP Vector Manufacturing Plant for Tissue Engineering, Courtesy of I’ROM Group Co., Ltd./ID Pharma Co., Ltd.

Chiyoda's Approach to Bio-Pharmaceutical Plants

  • Chiyoda has many experiences on constructing various facilities in the fields of mammalian cell culture and protein purification, including facilities for clinical trials which are used many SUBs (single-Use Bags) and for 10mm3 manufacturing scale. In addition, Chiyoda, with its wide range of knowledge, can offer support in the design of various facilities such as tissue engineering, cell culture system in space.
  • Chiyoda can offer various O2/CO2 dynamic simulation analyses to fit each client’s production scale and optimal facility design (configuration/size) using batch simulators/CFD.

Genetically modified protein purification facility
Protein purification column system

O2/CO2 dynamic simulation in culture
Study of optimal O2 feeding method and analysis in the flow of agitated tank

Feasibility study, and scale-up study
Culture plant that uses a single-use system


Biopharmaceutical products such as Antibody pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and others, are produced utilizing cell fermentation and microbial culture technology.

In order to manufacture such pharmaceuticals with high quality and in large volume, facilities which can carry out fermentation and purification in large scale and/or facilities which can reduce contamination risks and suitable for flexible procduct change-over is very effective.

Chiyoda's technologies based on construction results and experiences contribute to construction of such plants.

Applicable range

  • Antibody manufacuturing plant
  • Vaccine manufacturing plant
  • Pharmaceuticals manufacturing plant by microbial culture
  • Diagnostics manufacturing plant
  • Manufacuturing plants including those in the fields other than pharmaceutical (enzymes, plants, microalgae etc.), which utilizes biotechnology such as culture (fermentation), genetic recombination, and/or column purification technology.