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Chiyoda Advanced
Solutions (ChAS)

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Training Programs for Overseas Engineers

Based on Chiyoda Group’s worldwide experience in plant lifecycle engineering, Chiyoda offers training programs to provide its technology and know-how to overseas engineers involved in oil and gas plants. Through the training programs, Chiyoda helps engineers deepen their knowledge and utilize it with their plants’ operation and maintenance.

RCA Training Program

Chiyoda Group proposes various training programs which cover design technique of whole plants, element technology composing plants, establishing safety culture and other important procedures to meet customer needs. One of the programs, RCA (Root Cause Analysis) Training Program, received a high evaluation as a program for young engineers. Here is the summary of the program:

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Duration 4 days
Qualifications Junior engineers involved in LNG plants
Objective To learn how to find root causes for troubleshooting LNG plant operations
Contents Part 1: Basic knowledge of LNG production.
Part 2: Workshops on how to find the root causes of problems through a case study of a sample incident.

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Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4
a.m. 1. Orientation
2. Introduction to LNG
3. LNG Technology
/Liquefaction Process

3-1. Gas treatment
(Acid gas removal, dehydration, mercury removal, etc.)
4. P&ID (Piping & Instrument Diagram)
(Basics of P&ID, overview of P&ID)
6. Instrumentation Technology
6-1. Instrumentation equipment
(Basics of instrumentation technology, instrumentation equipment in plants)
6-2. Failure case
(Failure cases on control system at existing facilities)
8. Advanced Technology
8-1. Piping, equipment vibration
8-2. Thermal fatigue
8-3. Water hammer、pulsation
8-4. Trouble shooting cases
(Trouble shooting cases solved by Dynamic Simulation Study)
p.m. 3-2. Liquefaction
(Licensors, refrigeration cycle, main cryogenic heat exchangers, etc.)
5. Process Safety
(Basics of process safety design, case study using HAZOP)
7. Material Technology
7-1. Basics of materials
7-2. Corrosion problems and their countermeasures in LNG plants
7-3. Non-destructive inspection
7-4. Trouble shooting cases about material/corrosion problems at existing facilities
9. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
9-1. Basic of RCA
9-2. Workshop
(Workshop based on sample failure cases)

10. Wrap Up

Example of RCA Case Study using FTA

Lecture Image