Courtesy of JSC Yamal LNG

Yamal LNG Project (Train 1, 2, 3)




5.5 MMTY x 3 trains


Sabetta, Yamal-Nenets, Russia

Scope of Work: 


Year of Completion: 


A challenge in the extreme cold of Russian Arctic

The Yamal Peninsula is located in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, north of the Arctic Circle. "Yamal" means "end of the world" in the local language. The Yamal Penninsula is one of the coldest places in the Russian Federation. Eight months of the year are winter, and the lowest temperature becomes mealy below 60 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the melted permafrost turns to mud, which makes it difficult to develop.

Yamal LNG Project is a huge scale project to construct 3 trains of LNG plant with capacity of 5.5MM ton/year including auxiliary facilities and LNG export facility. This project is the world's biggest modularized project, aiming at minimizing the construction work at Sabetta construction site where the climate is very severe. The modules, fabricated in the module yards in Asia and the total number of more than 100, are transported to Sabetta by specialized vessels. During the summer season, Bering Strait route were used for transportation..

Despite the extremely harsh natural environment at the construction site and technical difficulties due to this environment, Chiyoda has successfully constructed all three trains a year ahead of schedule.

Courtesy of JSC Yamal LNG