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Tangguh LNG Train-3 Project, Kick-off Meeting held on August 31, 2016

Tangguh LNG Expansion Project (Train 3)


BP Berau Ltd.


3.8 MMTY


West Papua, Indonesia

Scope of Work: 


Supporting the growing energy demand in Indonesia and Japan

In 1994, a rich gas field was discovered in the bay of West Papua State, about 3,000 km from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. The recoverable natural gas reserves were at least 15 trillion cubic feet (TCF). One TCF is equivalent to one million tons of LNG per year for 20 years.

President Suharto Indonesia at that time named the gas field "Tangguh," which means "powerful" in Indonesian.

Since 1983, Chiyoda has worked on numerous projects, including the Arun and Bontang LNG project for Pertamina, and has accumulated achievements in business and built confidence in Indonesia. Chiyoda's highly-rated work led to the award of this Tangguh LNG expansion project in 2016.

In the Tangguh LNG expansion project, Chiyoda will construct the third train of 3.8 million tons per year.

Seventy four percent of the LNG, to be increased by this expansion project, is supplied to PT. PLN, which is an Indonesian state-owned electric power company. This will support the Indonesian energy demand, which is expected to increase in the future. In addition, 26% of the increased LNG will be supplied to Kansai Electric Power Company, a Japanese electric power company, which contributes to Japan's energy supply.

Through this major project, Chiyoda, along with its partners, Italy Saipem, Indonesia Tripatra and PT. Suluh Ardhi Engineering (SAE), is aiming to construct an LNG plant in Indonesia by 2020.