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Courtesy of Nagasaki Solar Energy Godo Kaisha

CIS Photovoltaic Power Plant (On Ground) in Nagasaki


Nagasaki Solar Energy Godo Kaisha




Nagasaki, Japan

Scope of Work: 


Year of Completion: 


Project with a strong focus on making a regional contribution in collaboration with local communities 

Solar Frontier K.K. and Chopro, an LPG distributor and solar power producer, have jointly established Nagasaki Solar Energy. This joint company develops and manages a mega solar power facility located next to Nagasaki Airport in Japan (Omura Adjoining Industrial Park Land). The new power plant operates with the largest electricity production capacity ever achieved in Nagasaki Prefecture and is one of the leading power plants operating in Japan today.

In this project, Chiyoda Corporation was responsible for activities related to engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) for the mega solar power facility located next to the airport’s runway, while Solar Frontier provided CIS thin film modules featuring anti-reflective properties that do not affect aircraft operations.

The new solar power plant has been designed in response to the request made by Kyushu Electric Power Company with extra care taken to comply with height and other regulatory restrictions because of nearby aircraft takeoffs and landings. The electricity generated by the power plant is being provided to Kyushu Electric Power Company through a 10 kilometer long underwater power cable.

The project makes an important regional contribution to local communities, reflected in the involvement of Nagasaki Prefecture and Chopro, a local energy provider.

  • Nagasaki Solar Energy Joint Company is currently owned by Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. and Chopro.