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Chiyoda Verified “Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage and Transportation System”

Information May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Chiyoda Corporation is pleased to announce that the demonstration plant located in its Koyasu Office and Research Park has successfully achieved its expected performance by using an Organic Chemical Hydride (OCH) technology.

The demonstration was a test run to prove Chiyoda’s “Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage and Transportation System” including
1) hydrogenation to fix hydrogen to toluene producing methylcyclohexane (MCH); liquid phase at ambient temperature and pressure, 2) storage and transportation of MCH, and 3) dehydrogenation to extract hydrogen from MCH by using a Chiyoda-developed catalyst.

This system can utilize existing infrastructures, including oil tanks and tankers for storage and transportation, without the need for cryogenic technologies such as is used for LNG and liquefied hydrogen. Although the storage of hydrogen in large volumes and its long-distance transportation were not considered to be economically viable, the new system defies conventional wisdom and proves that it is possible to supply and deliver hydrogen on a commercial basis.

We have called the MCH in this system “SPERA (a Latin word for hope) Hydrogen”, which reflects our ambition to establish a hydrogen supply chain.

For further information please refer to our website as follows:

SPERA Hydrogen Chiyoda's Hydrogen Supply Business