Message from CEO

Dear Stakeholders

Firstly, I wish to express my sincere gratitude to all our stakeholders for their continuing support for our business activities.

Based on our Medium-term Management Plan released in May 2019, ‘Chiyoda’s Revitalization Plan - Initiatives for Revitalization and the Future’, we continue to strengthen our financial base, have formulated a Human Resource Development Policy, enhanced risk management and improved our project execution capabilities.
Chiyoda is also realizing regular project award through its success in winning the EPC contract for the NFE LNG project in Qatar which, coupled with ongoing projects, reinforces our rejuvenation initiatives and supports sustained growth.

Chiyoda’s business environment is drastically changing.
We are embracing the accelerating transition towards a decarbonized society and prioritizing policy to support the growing demand for renewable energy as a future growth strategy.

Chiyoda updated the Medium-term Management Plan in May 2021 to develop new business, reinforce existing business activities and maintain stable revenue streams.

Chiyoda is continuing to transform our business portfolio and will establish a stable profit structure, ensuring new business development in areas such as renewable energy, hydrogen, decarbonization, pharmaceuticals and life science, supporting existing business revenue, and adding value through digital transformation technology.

We will continue to maintain open and honest dialogue with stakeholders, communicating the Group’s business activities that meet our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and deliver on our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

The Group aims to continue being a corporation trusted by our shareholders, customers and wider stakeholders and society as a whole, delivering on our goals by using our project execution experience, combined with our engineering and technological expertise, to enhance social value by resolving global environmental challenges towards realizing a carbon neutral society.

We sincerely appreciate the continuing invaluable support of all our stakeholders.

Yours sincerely,

Masakazu Sakakida
Chairman of the Board, CEO, CWO
Chiyoda Corporation