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Whistleblowing System

Compliance Consultation and Reporting System

The purpose of the Group’s consultation and reporting system (hotline, whistleblowing system), dubbed “Welcome to All about Compliance,” is to quickly detect and prevent any illegal activities or unethical conduct, whether actual or suspected, using a framework that properly processes reports and consultations regarding unethical conduct and illegal activities by individuals or organizations.
This hotline is operated jointly by Chiyoda, its eight domestic Group companies and sixteen overseas Group companies. It has an External Consultation Center with a lawyer available to everyone in the workplace and staff who specialize in women’s workplace issues.

In the fiscal year 2016(ended in March 2017), the system received reports as follows.
Feedback of investigation results to the employees from the appropriate department in accordance with whistleblowing procedures.

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ClassificationFY 2015FY 2016
Violation of law, Anti-Bribery 0 0
Power Harassment 4 8
Sexual Harassment 5 1
Workplace Environment 6 11
Others 9 4
Sum 22 24

There was no violation of law in fiscal year 2016.
Disciplinary against deviancy will be punished by labor regulations etc. depending on the degree.