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Solution of Global Issues

The Chiyoda Group considers the mission of engineering company is to offer the solution of various social issues and create social value through its business activities.
For the realization of the above mission, we will aggressively work on and extend our business to the infrastructure development and the solution of food problems as well as plant engineering business, with additional values by integration of the cutting-edge technologies.

Building Industrial Infrastructure by Promoting Stable Self-Sufficiency in Food

Construction of Demonstration Vegetable Factory in Dubai

Zero Hunger Good Health and Well-Being Sustainable Cities and Communities

Zero Hunger Good Health and Well-Being Sustainable Cities and Communities

We have been working on the development of vegetable factories for overseas countries collaborating with Marubeni Corporation and Showa Denko K.K. since 2016. In December 2017, we completed a demonstration plant of a vegetable factory in Dubai for a local conglomerate. We are now supporting the customer’s stable vegetable cultivation in this plant.
As the Vegetable factory ensures the suitable cultivation conditions constantly, regardless of the climate conditions outside the factory building, its major feature is that our customer can produce safe vegetables stably even in areas that are unsuitable for vegetable cultivation.
This work on construction of a food factory adds the element of life sciences to the existing repertoire of Chiyoda strengths. Therefore this project has also enabled us to present solutions to social issues in the area of food. We are aiming to make further contributions to society by developing the demonstration facility to large cultivation facilities.

Demonstration factory interior

Contributing to a Sustainable Society Using the Acoustic Emission (AE) Technique

Science and Technology Award Conferred for Development of Global Diagnostic Technology

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure Responsible Consumption and Production

Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure Responsible Consumption and Production

In May 2018, an article written at Chiyoda, ‘Development of a Global Diagnostic Technology for Corrosion Damage on the Bottom of Above-ground Storage Tanks Using the AE Technique’, was received the Science and Technology Award from the High Pressure Institute of Japan.
There are many above-ground storage tanks placed at plants in Japan, and designated above-ground storage tanks holding 1,000 kl or more are required to undergo periodic overhaul inspections. For particularly large tanks, the mandatory inspection period is almost one year, and the inspection cost can range from several tens to several hundreds of millions of yen, so this places a great burden on the companies concerned. The acoustic emission (AE) technique* is already being used in Europe and America for inspections that do not require opening up the tank interior. The various institutions concerned therefore carried out development of advanced non-destructive inspection technology (hereafter tank AE) for use in Japan, as well, to evaluate the corrosion of bottom plate of the tanks. Chiyoda took the lead in developing that technology.
At present, we are deploying a service using tank AE to help storage tank operators plan the management of above-ground storage tanks in a safe, rational, and systematic manner. Going forward, we intend to continue making effective use of our expertise as an engineering company as well as of digital technology, and contribute to society through further technological innovation.

* A technique that measures the sounds (elastic waves from 30 kHz to 1 MHz) generated when material undergoes damage, cracking, and so on, and diagnoses and evaluates the state of that material.

Group photograph of award winners at the presentation ceremony

Resilient Infrastructure Improvement for a Sustainable Society

Construction of New Ulaanbaatar International Airport

Decent Work and Economic Grouth Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure Partnerships for The Goals

Decent Work and Economic Grouth Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure Partnerships for The Goals

Chiyoda was awarded a contract in 2013 for a national project in Mongolia to build the New Ulaanbaatar International Airport. A joint venture was formed with Mitsubishi Corporation, subcontractors from South Korea and materials manufacturers from Japan were organized, and construction on our area of responsibility was completed in January 2017.
The development of Mongolia’s manufacturing industries, industrial sector, and so on is expected to continue increasing the demand for international line service in particular. The construction of this new airport will make it possible to receive more travelers and, will further contribute greatly to the economic growth of Mongolia. The Mongolian government therefore considers this a major project and has allocated an amount corresponding to 10% of the national budget to it.
This project includes construction of a passenger terminal building and virtually all of the other specialized facilities required by an international airport. The construction period was 43 months (approximately three-and-a-half years), but taking into account that any outdoor construction was impossible during the winter when temperatures dropped as low as -40°C, the actual construction period was 28 months (approximately twoand-a-half years), making this an extremely challenging project. We used our project execution knowhow to advantage in organizing contractors brought together from various countries until construction was completed. Going forward as an integrated engineering company, we will continue engaging in airport and other transportation-related infrastructure projects, making our contribution to the construction of industrial infrastructure.

Artist’s rendering of completed airport